Rescued just like me

It’s great to be rescued!

res • cued (Verb)
1. Save (someone) from a dangerous or distressing situation.
2. Keep from being lost or abandoned; retrieve.

God rescued me, by His love, grace and mercy, from certain separation from Him forever, and from an empty and meaningless life. Melinda (my wife) rescued me from living out the rest of my life as a cynical and frustrated man, uncertain about ever taking the risk to love again.

We currently have three rescued pets, Maggie, Mr. Henderson, and our most recent adoption, Darlene. If you have never adopted a pet you are really missing out on something special in life. It is our experience that a rescued pet has a very different attitude and personality than a purebred. They are very much aware of the fact that if you hadn’t come along, their life would be very different, if at all. There is only one exception to that rule, our cat, Mr. Henderson. He has a very poor long term memory!

Our most recent rescue is Darlene. After coming home from church and having lunch, we headed to our weekly tradition of a long walk with Maggie in the National Park near our home. Upon arriving we noticed a man, (Don Vandergriff), pouring water out of a water bottle in an attempt to scrub away about a million flees off this tiny puppy. He had just rescued her from the wild. He then took her to a rescue shelter only to find it closed. But as God designed this “chance” meeting, the Hubbard rescue shelter was open for business, and the rest is history. As it turns out, Don is a very nice and very accomplished man, you can learn more about him, and read his story of rescuing Darlene on his blog.

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