Every life is beautiful

Gianna Jessen is a true miracle of life. As a survivor of a failed abortion, Gianna developed a fervent curiosity to find answers to the tough questions in life. Her search led her to become a champion for the pro-life movement and a staunch defender for the value and dignity of every human being. In a culture of death, Gianna’s story of redemption and hope vividly demonstrates that every life is beautiful.

Her story is so compelling that it is the subject of the new feature film, October Baby, opening in select theaters nationwide on March 23. The movie producers are donating 10% of all movie profits to the Every Life is Beautiful Fund to distribute support to crisis pregnancy centers, life-affirming adoption agencies and organizations that assist orphans. Find a theater near you and invite friends to join you in this celebration of life.

The message behind “October Baby” and the stories of those whose lives were greatly affected by abortion center on one resounding theme, that every life is beautiful.

Sadly, we live in an age where the value of a human life has been compromised. To describe our society, the phrase “culture of death” has been coined. So, when movies like “October Baby” are created I celebrate. I celebrate that this movie promotes the opposite direction of our culture; promoting that human life has great value.

Everylifeisbeautiful.com displays a handful of interviews from movie’s cast members, music artists such as Michael W. Smith, and abortion survivor Gianna Jessen who share their reason of why each and every life has value.

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